Bring the power of mastery learning to your district

A Khan Academy Districts partnership will equip your teachers with the tools they need to make sure all students receive personalized support to master grade-level content

The goal is grade-level success. The method is mastery learning.

Our grade-level courses keep students focused on the major work of the grade while giving teachers the data and tools they need to target support where it’s needed most.

Fill in gaps or charge ahead
Khan Academy’s mastery learning system builds students understanding over time, allowing them to slow down and dig into skills where they need support or skip ahead when they show proficiency. With Khanmigo, students have 1:1 support.
Build student ownership of learning
Course mastery goals allow students to set their own learning goals, understand their areas of strength and areas of need, and make choices about what to focus on in order to get where they want to go.
Proven to accelerate student growth
A rigorous, peer-reviewed 2022 study showed that in the pandemic-disrupted 2020-2021 school year, kids who used Khan Academy for 30-60 minutes per week beat pre-pandemic growth norms—in some grades by more than 40%.

This study meets ESSA Tier 3 evidence criteria.

Based on the science of learning

Khan Academy is built using methods and techniques that have been proven to be effective by hundreds of learning science research studies.

Mastery learning

Apply new skills in multiple contexts until you reach understanding

Practice with feedback

Understand gaps in knowledge in order to practice better

Motivation support

Help students see the value of what they are learning and encourage them to succeed

Tackle unfinished learning with the power of mastery

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