Is your District ready for the Digital SAT?

Make Khan Academy's Official Digital SAT Prep a part of your district partnership to ensure that you and your students are prepared.

Official preparation partner of the College Board

Khan Academy worked with the College Board to design practice questions, lessons, and videos to prepare your students. Our technology will help your students master the 37 math skills and 11 reading and writing skills they need to know.

Reach every student with a district-wide SAT strategy
Using Official SAT Digital Prep from Khan Academy helps you implement a district-wide SAT strategy and ensure all students are prepared for the SAT.
Ace the new test
As part of a Khan Academy Districts partnership, our professional learning sessions will help your teachers and leaders learn what they need to do differently for the digital SAT and how best to support students using Official Digital SAT Prep.
Save time and provide actionable insights
With Official Digital SAT Prep reports, you will receive granular insights into student skills and needs at the student, class, school, or district level. Automatic rostering of teachers and students will save classroom time and provide visibility into student progress.

"All of our students have an equal opportunity to be ready for the SAT"

Learn how the School District of Osceloa County, Florida partners with Khan Academy to ensure all of their students are prepared for the SAT.

“I teach twelfth-grade ELA Intensive Reading to Seniors who have not yet met their reading requirements for graduation.  I fully believe that Khan Academy is what helps these students earn a concordant score on the SAT to fulfill their requirements.
Teacher, FL

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