Reach grade-level learning success with Khan Academy Districts

Bring the power of Khan Academy to your district to engage every teacher and provide individualized support to every student.

A partnership tailored to fit your district's needs

Khan Academy Districts offers school and district reporting, instructional tools, and high-quality content. With easy setup and dedicated support, we’ll help you put the power of Khan Academy in every classroom.

Power of mastery
Tackle unfinished learning with Khan Academy’s mastery learning system.
Expert support
Partner with our expert educators to develop an implementation plan.
Personalized reporting
Gain student performance insights and measure your progress district-wide.

Quality content from Pre-K to AP

Get every student to master grade-level math
Build a strong science foundation for grades 6-12
Official Digital SAT Prep to support all students
Khan Academy Kids
Improve math and ELA outcomes for preschool-Grade 2

See how a district partnership works

Khan Academy Districts will give you and your teachers the powerful data and support your district needs to help your students achieve grade-level learning faster.

#1 choice for educators to address unfinished learning

Khan Academy is the number one choice for educators according to an EdWeek survey. Learn how becoming a Khan Academy District Partner can accelerate learning recovery.

Real support for students, real gains in learning
Students who used Khan Academy for 30 minutes a week gained 22 additional points on their state math assessment. This study meets ESSA Tier 3 evidence criteria.
“Our school district has found Khan Academy to be a game changer as we strive to improve equity, access, and college readiness.”

Learn more about MAP Accelerator

Empower teachers to differentiate for every student using MAP® Accelerator™, from Khan Academy and NWEA. It’s available for districts to use in math classrooms for grades 3–8 and includes:

  • Automatic rostering and score import
  • Custom learning paths based on each student's MAP® Growth™ assessment results
  • Real-time teacher reports that enable small-group interventions
  • Admin account dashboards for school and district leaders

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