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Our team of expert educators are here to coach you through implementing AI in your classrooms. Get a safer, better way to introduce AI to your district.

The future of learning is now

The goal is grade-level success. The method is mastery learning, enhanced with Khanmigo AI tools for teachers and students.

Accelerate learning with Khanmigo

AI tutor for all
By leveraging AI, students can get personalized tutoring support right at the moment they’re stuck - what research suggests is best for unlocking learning.
Engage creativity and critical thinking
Exploratory activities help students hone arguments, practice writing skills, and ignite curiosity. From coding to college admissions, Khanmigo can help.
Multilingual support for multilingual Students
Khanmigo can work with students in Spanish, Portuguese and many other languages.
Asking the right questions, not providing the answers
Using the methods of a Socratic tutor, students are encouraged to think deeply without providing the answer directly.

Spotlight: Academic Essay Feedback

Developed by experts in English Language Arts (ELA) and writing instruction, the Academic Essay Feedback tool uses AI to offer students specific, immediate, and actionable feedback on their argumentative, expository, or literary analysis essays.

Get to instructional action faster

Support every teacher's adoption of AI
Save time, change up your workflow, just do more. Get help writing lesson hooks, exit tickets, lesson plans, and more to creatively connect with students.
A safer, better way to introduce AI to the classroom
Exclusively for District Partners, Teachers can see a student's chart history and receive automatic alerts for inappropriate interactions.
Know how students are doing on Khan Academy assignments
Get help tracking student progress, group students based on recent work, and get to meeting students' needs in less time.
“By facilitating misconceptions where students are struggling with certain answers, Khanmigo will push and ask them guiding questions to get them to come to the conclusion on their own.”
Dave Zatorski, Vice Principal
Newark Public Schools

Rapidly evolving to support learning

Stay on the cutting edge of AI in Education
Keep up with the latest Khanmigo enhancements to support learners, teachers, and leaders.
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Bring Khanmigo to your District

Available for the 2023-2024 school year!
Khanmigo is available to a limited number of Khan Academy Districts partners as an optional add-on in the 2023-2024 school year.  Khanmigo is in an exploratory phase and we seek districts interested in helping us continue to develop and enhance Khanmigo’s capabilities.
“By facilitating misconceptions where students are struggling with certain answers, Khanmigo will push and ask them guiding questions to get them to come to the conclusion on their own.”
Dave Zatorski, Vice Principal
Newark Public Schools


Will access for both students and teachers be available?
Yes, if that’s what you choose. Schools and districts can choose to purchase access for just teachers or for both teachers and students. Partnering as a school or district is the only way for everyone in a classroom (teachers and students) to have access to Khanmigo together. 
Why does our district also need to be a Khan Academy Districts partner to purchase Khanmigo?
Khan Academy is a small nonprofit funded by donations and our district partners. Khanmigo leverages the power of GPT-4 and each interaction incurs costs. We need to expend significant resources to develop and test these new resources to ensure they are safe to use. Our existing District Partnership program provides districts with support, professional learning, and the data and tools to succeed. For this introductory year, we’ve separated the costs of providing these robust services to districts from the costs of using the tool itself.
I’m not able to make a purchasing decision for my school or district, can I access Khanmigo myself?
Sure! Individuals can donate to Khan Academy to receive access to Khanmigo here.
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