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Khan Academy for your school

If your school has fewer than 750 students, we have a personalized plan just for you! Connect with an education consultant from our team, and we will share more information about how your team can get the most out of Khan Academy for your students.

Enhance student learning
Our small-school partners get access to quality content that meets learning stands and improves student performance. Design and monitor personalized student experiences that guide student success.
“I have been using the Khan Academy for many years now and have seen the progress that our migrant students have made. In addition, the program allows our teachers to assign personalized and targeted instruction assignments to allow our students to actively engage in the targeted area.”
Martha Ensminger
Long Beach Unified School District

Why do schools use Khan Academy Districts?

Easy to use

Create a blended learning experience to meet the needs of all learners.

Personalized instruction

Deliver high-impact, real-time instruction to address learning gaps and help accelerate skills development.

Increase teacher’s bandwidth

Streamline the planning process, and provide individualized support to all students.

Data-driven Results

Empower teachers to focus on students who need help most by providing in-depth analytics and insights.

Your Khan Academy questions answered

Can I sign up for Khan Academy Districts if my school has more than 750 students?
Yes, of course you can! Our partnership offering is available to all schools, no matter the size. We have pricing plans available for different types of schools in the US, and this plan is specifically designed for a single school.

If your school has more than 750 students, you can get even more personalized support to help you achieve success. Our team of education advisors can help you learn more about Khan Academy Districts. Submit this form and one of our members will get in touch with you shortly.
How can I check if my school is eligible for Khan Academy Districts?
Learn more about your eligibility by clicking here.
What’s included in the three hours of professional learning?
You get two administrator coaching sessions with a district success coach that includes a kickoff meeting with your school and an end-of-year data review. We invite all site-licensed teachers/admins to register for training.

Pre-recorded training sessions and administrator guides will also be made available.
Will three hours of professional learning be enough for my school?
We designed our professional learning and development program to help you get the most out of your experience, no matter how much time you spend. We even created dedicated admin and teacher guides, resources, and templates to ensure you’re properly trained.
Can I purchase more professional learning?
Yes, of course! We can partner with you to figure out how many hours of professional learning sessions you might need. We recommend three one-hour virtual sessions of professional development, which costs $900. Each hour thereafter costs $325.

We offer live new teacher/admin training upon your request, and you will even have access to pre-recorded training sessions.
Can I use Clever for KAD rostering and SSO?
Yes, Clever is currently the only way to roster for KAS. If your district already has Clever, great! You’ll need to know which administrator manages app sharing for your district, so you can communicate with them to set up KAS. If you or someone at your school has Clever app-sharing privileges, even better. Check out this document to understand more about how rostering works for KAS.

If your school doesn’t currently have Clever, you’ll have to find a way to start using it in order to get access to KAS. Since Clever rostering is generally a district-wide decision, we suggest working with your district admins to figure out a way to get access. Below are some resources from Clever that can help you learn more and pass on the appropriate information to your district leaders.
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